It’s 1955. And in a small boom town in Oklahoma, 18-year old greaser Bobby Huxley leads a tortured and haunted existence. A miraculous survivor of a car crash that killed his best friend, he spends most of his days skipping school and racing his suped-up hotrod, secretly pushing its limits in the hopes of finding death.

After a violent argument with his stepfather, he accidentally takes his little sister with him to a final race. A race that, despite his death wish, doesn’t lead to a grave of twisted metal… but instead to another world.

A world of treachery and magic. A world in which an ancient pact, made between fearsome gods of old and mankind itself, is held together in the life of a pursued queen.

Now, with his sister and his newest passenger racing down Route 66, Bobby will encounter new wonders and terrifying jeopardy. A flying galleon driven by agony. A robot searching for God. A circus ringmaster, escape artist and Beatnik that might hold the key to everything.

But most of all.. he will find answers to questions he never knew existed. Why he was able to survive that car crash. Where he comes from. What role the world intends for him to take.

And what role he will ultimately choose for himself and those he loves.

This is The Wanderer.

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